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The web site www.triplow.pt is property of Triplo W, Lda., with address at Rua 10 de Junho, 36, 4485-010 Aveleda VDC PORTUGAL, with NIF (fiscal number) PT505188007. Every commercial transaction of purchase and sale entered into between the company Triplo W, Lda and the Customer, are subject to the following general conditions considered to be accepted when an order is placed, with no prejudice to the conditions agreed between both parties. When entering the web site www.triplow.pt, the customer is committed to respect this General Conditions.


There are called Triplo W, Lda.´s Customers to all the entities, individuals or collective, that are registered on the Triplo W, Lda online store and that proceed to purchase any equipment chosen from the corresponding catalogue.

Final prices are available and visible on the internet, so that any customer can make a purchase if previously registered for such purpose.


The resellers of Triplo W, Lda. are all the companies that have proved themselves to be dedicated to the distribution and/or installation of equipment sold by Triplo W, Lda.

The reseller has the right to special discounts in prices. Triplo W does not grant any type if discount to customers that are not its authorized resellers, who are not considered to be competition.

The registration is effective after data verification.

After analysing, Triplo W authorizes the purchase and granting, by the end, the discounts according to the type of customer.

Discounts granted to reselling companies have a validity of one calendar year and they can be renewed, altered or removed by Triplo W when justified by the volume from the previous year. 


Triplo W is a manufacturing, importer and distribution company of solutions for access controls and therefore, it does not install equipment.

It analyses situations by pictures, designs and written descriptions, it projects solutions and provides the equipment considered to be the most suitable, giving even training to the professional installer, when necessary.


Orders must be carried out, as long as possible, on the online store, using the customer´s registration coordinates, or by e-mail, using the addresses on the "Contacts" tab. Orders are not taken by phone. Orders to Triplo W carried out by e-mail only represent a proposal to purchase the selected products, in the context of these general conditions of sale. Orders are only effective after receiving the confirmation from Triplo W, Lda., to the customer, by e-mail or phone, in order to verify the accuracy of the order, the authenticity of the data provided and the guarantee of payment. Triplo W reserves the arbitrary right to reject orders.


Triplo W, Lda is an importing company that can sell directly to the consumer, with no intermediaries, or by the web site www.triplow.pt. That is why the charged prices are the lowest ones on the market according to the quality of products presented. Prices for each product are available on the Triplo W, Lda.´s site. Triplo W´s prices vary frequently because of price alterations by the manufacturer and foreign exchange alterations.   


All prices provided by Triplo W, Lda., are subject to IVA, to the current legal rate, for the billing that will be issued to Continental Portugal, Azores Islands and Madeira, as well as private customers from any country in the European Union.

The Portuguese IVA does not affect the business customers from the European Union, as neither any customer from the rest of the world.



When purchasing products for international delivery, you will be consider as an importer and therefore, you must comply with the laws and regulations from the country you will be receiving the products. Once the product arrives to your country, you could be subject to  import taxes and taxes payable. Any additional payment related to customs, will be taken on by yourself. You need to contact local authorities to obtain additional information.



Payments will be carried out by one of the following means:

1. In advanced, by a bank transfer, to the NIB (IBAN) shown in our order confirmation, quotation or proforma invoice.

2. Payment upon delivery to the carrier.

3. In this last method, Triplo W, Lda., might require the advanced payment of a percentage of the total price amount of ordered products.

4. Advanced payment by Multibanco (Portugal).

5. Payment by PayPal.



Triplo W, Lda., is in charge of choosing the carrier company for delivering its products, unless the contrary is agreed upon previously. The delivery price is informed in advanced to the customer and it is included on the corresponding receipt.



Deliveries will be sent to the address presented by the customer, or in case they go to our facilities, they will be given on hand. Additional costs related to any delivery change will be chargeable to the customer. The price assigned to every order depends on the product´s weight and destination. The average delivery time for orders within Continental Portugal is of 24 hours, unless there is no stock. For other destinations, the delivery time depends on the means of transport and destination, therefore, the customer will be informed according to the corresponding case. When products are not in stock or when they need to be specially manufactured for the customer, the delivery period could reach 30 days. 

Triplo W, Lda., is going to inform you by e-mail the expected delivery time if there a product goes out of stock or if it is about a special manufacture for a requested product. In this situation, the customer may choose one of the following options:

- Keep the order and accept the new delivery time.

- Cancel the order, in which case they will receive the corresponding refund for the amount already paid.

Triplo W, will send the products as close as possible to the date agreed with the customer.


1. Verify that the package is in perfect conditions.

2. Open the package, asking the carrier to wait (this is a customer´s right).

3. Verify that the product meets the requested order and that it does not have visible defects. If everything is in order, you can accept the delivery.

4. In case of non-conformity, whether is due to a mistake regarding the requested product or a visible defect, you can reject the delivery and fill in the carrier´s form for these cases, stating the issue.

5. Return the package and all the content to the delivery person (carrier).

6. Contact our customer services to report what happened. suporte@triplow.pt

7. We guarantee that, if there is any damaged to the product during the transportation and you have followed this regulation, we will send you another order equal to the one requested and delivery costs will be born by us.



The customer has the right to return any product that does not satisfy them within the 15 days after the reception of the product. For this, the customer must verify the product within this 15 day period.

Triplo W will only accept returns of products on their original condition and package, along with the corresponding invoice.

When returns are completed correctly, Triplo W will refund the money paid corresponding to the returned product, within a maximum period of 30 days after receiving the returned product. The delivery cost resulting from the return will be born by the customer.

The customer must prove that he is returning the goods, therefore he needs to request a sealed receipt from the mailing service or the service hired for the return. 

If you have returned the goods within the cancellation period and they are damaged or lost during the shipping, you still preserve your cancellation right. That is why it is very important that you request a sealed receipt when sending back the goods in order to make the carrier responsible for the damage. 

In order to exercise your cancellation or repentance right, the product must be sent to Triplo W, Lda, without having been opened, examined or used.

There is no cancellation or repentance right granted for products manufactured specifically or personalized for the customer, like special tailor-made products, painted with a specific colour, etc.


All products sold by Triplo W, Lda., have a guarantee against manufacturing defects given by the corresponding manufacturers. Regardless of the guarantees provided by manufacturers, Triplo W, Lda., as a company governed by the Portuguese law, meets the current legislation and therefore, each sold product has a minimum two-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects are those defects that prevent the proper operation of the equipment and they have been proved to be a manufacturing defect, as long as the customer has not yet touched the product, even for a possible repair.

Triplo W, Lda., has experienced technicians capable of guiding the customer through the decision process of choosing the most adequate product to satisfy their needs and to help during the installation process by e-mail or teleconference. Triplo W is not responsible for any operating defect caused by a poor installation. All the equipment sold is checked in Portugal for breakdowns, and if it cannot be repaired, it is replaced by a new one, according to the corresponding guarantee. If the customer does not inform Triplo W, within eight (8) days after the delivery date, that they received wrong quantities or defective products, it will considered that the delivered products were according as requested and that they did not have any visible defect at the time. The customer has the obligation to send back the faulty equipment in order for it to be checked at Triplo W´s facilities.

Every accepted complain regarding goods already settled, will be immediately repaired, replaced by new ones or paid to the customer.



In any case, Triplo W, Lda. will not be responsible for the lost of profits or consequential damages that the customer might want to attribute to this company,  only for those defects in products and their repair under the previous clause terms, being the maximum limit of responsibility the value of the defective products.                                                                                         Texts and pictures that illustrate and describe the products in this web site are not contractual and are only given for information purposes.                                                                          In regards of deliveries to other countries, Triplo W is not responsible if the products do not meet the laws and regulations from such destination country.



- Triplo w, Lda., by means of its web site www.triplow.pt, is permanently open and accessible. The customer does not need to get out of their house or office in order to choose the products they need and contact us to obtain more information.

- The products we sale are from reliable and safe brands, some with more than a century of existense and with proven evidence regarding the quality of their equipment.

- Charged prices are lowest in the market for the same level of equipment.

- All questions sent by the customer are answered in less than 24 hours.

- For equipments with no installation manual, such manuals are provided in Portuguese language.

- All products are tested by specialized technitians in order to guarantee their reliability and good operation.


Triplo W is not in any way responsible for the non compliance of obligations or delivery delays as long as they are caused by external factors, including but not limited to, governmental actions, natural disasters, customer´s actions, transportation problems, electricity shortage or labour conflicts or components. In such cases, Triplo W might cancel the orders with no responsibility whatsoever towards the customer.


In case of disputes regarding consumption, the consumer can appeal to the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr, or to the following Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity: CNIACC - 21 384 74 84. For more information, visit the Consumer Portal at, www.consumidor.pt.



For the corresponding purposes, it is considered that the customer is aware of these general conditions of sale when placing an order at Triplo W, since such conditions are part of the web site where products.