We don't do installations

About Us

Triplo W, Lda is a company specialized in all types of access control and electronic locks. A young, entrepreneurial and dynamic team is the guarantee of a fast and efficient service, of increasing quality and permanent innovation. The constant demand for quality, strict product control and specialized customer service make our company a leader and are the key to the success we want to preserve.

Market where we are: Access Control (code, card, biometric and GSM), Electronic Locks (code, card and biometrics), Hotel solutions, mechanical locks, electrical latch locks, electromagnetic locks, door automatisms, etc...

Our mission:

To be a reference company in its sector and in the markets where it operates, distinguished by the quality of its products and services it provides, focusing on innovation and quality and strict standards of professionalism.

"We do not sell products. We offer solutions."

  • 1. SECURITY      
    This is our core business. We offer robust systems capable of providing maximum security to your facilities.
  • 2. QUALITY  
    Our goal of quality is simple, to offer the best products and the best services at the best prices. Our customers come back, our products don't!
  • 3. CONVINIENCE                        We work to make our products simplify your day-to-day life and we do it without you having to leave home or the office.
  • 4. INNOVATION                
    We offer the best and latest products from the international industry, improved and adapted by us to meet the requirements of the european market.