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Gateway for remote connection to TTLOCK equipment with Ethernet cable

  • 120.00€ +IVA

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Product Code: TW-GATE ETH

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Gateway for remote connection to TTLOCK equipment. RJ45 cable (NETWORK)

Device to assist for remote WIFI management of locks for locks compatible with TTLOCK system

  • 20-meter range between lock and TW-Gate in open field
  • A TW-Gate can manage multiple locks(no one per lock) is required, as long as it is within your reach
  • Status and sync LEDs
  • Easy pairing with your account in the smartphone app
  • USB power via 220 VAC transformer supplied
  • Connection to rj45 cable router

By adding the TW-GATE ETH it is possible to manage more advanced and personalized:

  • Create codes from 4 to 8 digits and their temporal validity (date/time);
  • Delete created codes;
  • Access the opening log;
  • Check the status of the lock batteries;
  • Assign new administrators;
  • Provide app access to new users;
  • Create various types of codes:
    • permanent
    • temporary
    • single opening
    • cyclic


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