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Order Cancellation Policy

Refund or order cancellation policy during the warranty period

When purchasing from Triplo W, the customer has the right to cancel their purchase, that is, return the acquired goods and receive back the amount paid, without any justification whatsoever. The cancellation or repentance right is applied to the goods sold by Triplo W, Lda.

In Portugal, the cancellation period is within 14 consecutive days and the warranty period is of 2 years. Triplo W, Lda, meets the community and Portuguese legislation and offers its customers the possibility to terminate the purchase contract.

If you wish to exercise that right, you will have to enter the customer area at using your credentials and then clicking the "Refund" tab. 

Or, on the contrary, send a mail to Triplo W, Lda, Rua 10 de Junho, 36, 4485-010 AVELEDA VDC, by e-mail: geral@triplow.pt) to inform Triplo W of your desire to cancel the purchase order.

This communication needs to be sent within the 14 day period after the purchase..

If you cancel a purchase, you will have send the goods to our address and pay the refund charges. However, you will have the refund money within 30 days from the cancellation.

The customer must prove that he is returning the goods, therefore he needs to request a sealed receipt from the mailing service or the service hired for the return. 

If you have returned the goods within the cancellation period and they are damaged or lost during the shipping, you still preserve your cancellation right. That is why it is very important that you request a sealed receipt when sending back the goods in order to make the carrier responsible for the damage or lost

In order to exercise your cancellation or repentance right, the product must be sent to Triplo W, Lda, without having been opened, examined or used.

In order for the latter, these conditions are sent along with your order, by email and before purchasing.

There is no cancellation or repentance right granted for products manufactured specifically or personalized for the customer, like special tailor-made products, painted with a specific colour, etc.

The refund right does not apply to customers that, when buying, are not members of the European Union, or whose residence or shipping address is found outside the European Union.