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Touch keyboard and card reader, managed by TTLock

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Want to control who can open your doors? Access controls are the solution. Get to know our range.

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Touch keyboard with TTLock APP management 

  • Remote control via smartphone (No need for internet connection)  of permanent and temporary access codes;
  • Requires external power supply 
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Simple installation;
  • Backlit touch keyboard;
  • Full management via the bluetooth app  ;
  • Various Aperture Types:
    • Opening by mobile phone through TTLock Bluetooth/Wifi APP app (Android and IOS);
    • Code: 6 to 8 digits in Bluetooth Remote Management and 4 to 8 digits in Wi-Fi Remote Management;
    • Mifare 13.56MHz card; - Up to 20000 users
    • Remote Opening (Wi-Fi mode only);
    • Opening log (Wi-Fi mode only)

Remote Management - TTLock APP

  • Bluetooth
    • User can generate codes without being in place but these are generated automatically, the user can only control the validity of the code;
    • You can't delete codes;
    • You don't have access to the check-in.

  • Wi-Fi
    • User can create their own 4 to 8 digit code and its validity;
    • You can delete created codes ;
    • Remote opening ;
    • Access to the registration of openings;
    • Remote Opening.

Model: TW300K


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