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Swing Door or Swing Door Automation

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Automated motors for closing and opening doors. Come and discover our range of stop automation

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Triple W does not install equipment.
We analyze the need through photos, drawings and written description, we design the most appropriate solution for each case and we budget the supply.

The installer technician is hired by our client and we give the necessary instructions for a good installation.
The equipment is provided with detailed installation plans, videos, animations and electrical diagrams.

The installation must be in charge of an electricity professional

Very useful whenever users have their hands occupied, as in the case of waiters passing from the kitchen to the dining room with trays.

Or in the case of people with motor disabilities who need access to the toilet in a wheelchair.

It can be opened by a presence detector, a remote control or a servo-opening (The user pushes the door slightly by actuating the engine aid)

It can also be opened by a fire detection plant, remaining open until closing order

Automation for swing doors or shuttles

The DSTW-60 motor measures 600mm, its compact size allows it to be installed in more scenarios.

Industrial aesthetic design, for a small and beautiful artistic feeling

Although small, it is no less strong than the traditional DSTW-100

  • Voltage Working temperature: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: Max. 75W, standby 3W
  •  Unit Drive: 24V DC motor
  • Opening angle:  80°-100°
  • Time of Aperture: 3-7S (adjustable)
  • Time of Clasp: 3-7S (adjustable)
  • Time keep open: 0.5-30S (adjustable)
  • Humidity:    ≤85%
  • Temperature: -20 ~ +45°C
  • Application:
    • Simple door;
    • Double-leaf door (requires two equipment);
  • Application in inter-lock opening (requires two equipments);
  • Opening to the inside or outside;
  • Operation in conjunction with electronic lock (e.g. electric latch, electromagnetic lock);
  • Option to open with a simple push or pull of the door;
  • Suitable for right or left doors;


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