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Stainless steel panic bar with 1 locking point

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An anti-panic bar is a mechanical device installed on a door that, in the event of an emergency evacuation, allows it to open easily by pressure of the user's body, without the need for the use of hands

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Anti-panic bar with 1 locking point in stainless steel

The panic bar, also known as the escape bar, is a safety device used in emergency doors.

It is designed to allow for quick and easy opening of the door in emergency situations such as fires or evacuations.

The panic bar is commonly installed on exit doors of public buildings such as schools, offices, and theatres.

The operation of the panic bar involves pressing down on the horizontal or vertical bar, which immediately releases the door, making it easier to evacuate.

It is essential to ensure the safety of people in public places and to ensure compliance with fire safety standards.

In addition, panic bars are often required by building codes and safety regulations to ensure that buildings comply with emergency evacuation standards.


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