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Anti-panic bar with LED

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An anti-panic bar is a mechanical device installed on a door that, in the event of an emergency evacuation, allows it to open easily by pressure of the user's body, without the need for the use of hands

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Anti panic bar with LED


  • Anodized     aluminium
  • Green & Red LED Indicator
  • 12V DC 415mA 24V DC 250mA
  • Static strength up to 680kg.
  • Under pressure up to 227Kg.
  • Fail-safe mode

Anti-Panic Bar specially designed for emergency doors or large-scale doors. When the bar is pressed, a micro switch is actuated and opens the door to the exit, providing a convenient means of escape. Its ability to resist under pressure force plays an essential role in overcoming problems such as warped doors, maintaining air temperature and problems related to climate change in general.


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