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Technical Support - Breakdowns

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Technical Support Services


All products marketed by Triplo W, Lda. have a warranty against manufacturing defects granted by the respective manufacturers.

Manufacturing defects are those defects that prevent the normal functioning of the equipment and that are proven to result from a defect attributable to the factory.

In the event of a breakdown, we ask you to send us the faulty equipment for analysis at our facilities.  

We do not carry out repairs/analyses at the installation site.

The normal period for verification, analysis, possible repair or replacement is 8 working days

All equipment sold is, in case of damage, verified in Portugal and in case of not being repairable, it is replaced by new ones, according to the warranty that is active on the date.

The warranty shall be excluded in the event of:

 a) Abnormal use, inappropriate, or non-conforming to the technical specificities of the product.

 b) Poor installation  

c) Lack of maintenance of the product

 Triplo W is not responsible for any malfunction caused by poor installation or careless maintenance

If a fault is detected attributable to the warranty, the equipment will be repaired, replaced with new and returned, at no additional charge.

 TriploW reserves the right to charge a fee for technical assistance in the event of no malfunction caused by a manufacturing defect and attributable to other reasons





Out-of-warranty service and configuration of faulty equipment

(or equipment under warranty that is returned for repair but does not have problems or that if there are problems it is proven that they were caused by misuse/installation)  This figure does not include the cost of any spare parts


VAT not included - VAT is added at the legal rate in force


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