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Small NC electric latch, with PRE-LOAD 400N

  • 158.00€ +IVA

It is important to choose electric latches that are suitable for the specific security and access control needs of each location. Come and see our range, or contact us: suporte@triplow.pt

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NC electric latch, with PRE-LOAD 400N

  • Fail-Secure (No power, door closes)
  • Opens with pre-load up to 400N of force
  • Adjustable from 2mm to 5.4mm
  • Holding force up to 5000 N
  • Measurements (latch without forend): 82 (C) x 16mm (L) x 25.6 (A) mm
  • Voltage: 12-24V AC/DC
  • Current: 12VDC (100%) - 110mA | 24VAC (100%) - 60mA
  • According to normal 2004/108/EC (EN55014)
  • Operating temperature: -15ºC to +40ºC
  • Installation: Wooden or metal doors
  • Price shown is without forend, latch only


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