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Ellen Matic Soundproof 928

  • 76.00€ +IVA

Door and window sealants help protect against the ingress of air, water, dust, and unwanted debris and play an important role in the thermal and acoustic insulation of a home. Come and see our range.

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Fabricantes de portas

Serralheiros, Carpinteiros


Automatic door seal, 51 db acustic and fire resistant, 928mm

Universal automatic seal, for acoustic insulation, for flush mounting under wooden doors.


  • Automatic sealing
  • Protects against drafts
  • Aluminium body
  • Steel mounting plates
  • Groove dimensions: 15 x 30 mm
  • PVC sealing material
  • Self leveling
  • Manually operated pressure adjustment knob
  • Hinge side operated
  • Can be reduced by 150 mm
  • Maximum distance to ground: 20 mm
  • 5-year warranty
  • Durability: Tested up to 1,000,000 opening and closing cycles
  • Standard length: 928 mm


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