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UPS 12 VDC power supply, metal case / battery support

  • 115.00€ +IVA

Specific power supplies for access control, 12VDC and 24VDC. Come and discover our range of accessories for access control. We have everything you need to automate your door.

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Power supply with UPS

  • When AC power is available, it is transformed to 12 VDC and supplied to the electric lock
  • When the AC power fails, it is replaced by the UPS battery
  • When the battery charge drops below 10 V, it stops supplying power supply and must be fed again by the AC source.
  • The battery is protected from electric shock in order to extend its durability
  • With battery compartment.
  • Led ON/OFF
  • Load voltage: 13V~13.5V
  • Input voltage: 220V
  • Output voltage: 12VDC
  • max. output current: 3 A
  • Dimensions: 210x163x50mm

Battery not included



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