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Extruded Aluminum Profiles

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Door and window sealants help protect against the ingress of air, water, dust, and unwanted debris and play an important role in the thermal and acoustic insulation of a home. Come and see our range.

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Product Code: DNP 60

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DNP 60

Extruded aluminium profiles, with built-in flexible PVC sealant, with 3 different ways of placement.

In addition to working as a sealant, it also serves as a finger protector. Complete set for a single-leaf swing door, with a maximum height of 2240 mm and consisting of:

Two aluminium profiles and one black PVC profile.

  • Door thickness: 50/60mm
  • Door thickness
  • Measures:
    • A -  40 42     44     46     50    
    • B -  25     24     23     22     20
    • C -  26     25     24     23     21


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