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Exit/entry counting and control kit

  • 850.00€ +IVA

Want to control who can open your doors? Access controls are the solution. Get to know our range.

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Control kit and counting of inputs and outputs, with stocking limit


  • Equipment for counting inputs and outputs, with stocking limit
  • KIT includes:
    • 2 infrared wireless sensors inlay
    • 2 boxes for sensors for over-the-overlap application
    • Actuator
    • Control unit (counter)
    • Signs
  • Operating voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Switching current (lafter: 30V DC - 2A
  • Energy consumption:
    • By element: <150mA
    • 2 infrared sensors: <450mA (set)
    • Control unit: 12v DC power supply | 2a
  • Wireless Communication: Radio (868MHz)
  • Open range: 50 meters (consider that the range depends on interference that may exist in place)


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