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High-security electromagnetic lock - Shear-Lock

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Electromagnetic locks are security devices used on doors to control access to certain spaces. Come and discover our range of electromagnets and accessories

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High-security electromagnetic lock - Shear-Lock

  • Power: 12/24 Vdc
  • Current: 220 mA at 12 V / 190 mA at 24 V
  • Holding force: 900 Kg

GS500 is designed for flush mount on swing, shuttle and sliding doors. It can be installed on wooden, aluminium or even glass doors with special brackets. The electromagnetic lock connection plate has bolt tuning screws that ensure effective door locking.

The advantages of this type of lock over conventional electromagnetic lock are:

  1. Invisible lock application
  2. Increased holding force due to the combination of electromagnetic force with the mechanical bolt system

Ideal system to provide additional security in entry doors in apartments.

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