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Locker lock with keypad, flush-mount application - private use

  • 96.00€ +IVA

We have a wide range of electronic locker locks, various types of opening: card, code and mobile phone. They are locks that are easy to install. Buy online at triplow.pt

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Locker lock with keyboard, built-in     application

Standalone programmable lock for private use only - the code is set by the administrator and only changes in case it is modified by the administrator. 

Preserves private code in the long run, even with power outages during battery change.  

  • Operating Mode: Unique code from 1 to 15 digits 
  • Power: two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (not included);
  • Battery life:
    • Low battery alarm – 3 beeps at each opening
    • Opens the door > 10,000 times normally, continues to open 100 times after low battery alarm
  • Wrong code alarm – if a wrong code is placed 4 times in a row
  • Permitted working temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C.
  • Size: 130 x 60 x 46 mm
  • Material: Silver Zinc Alloy
  • For 0.5 mm – 5.0 mm thick doors





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