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Floor door closer, GEZE 550 NV, 150 kg

  • 784.00€ +IVA

Door floor springs are devices used to control the soft and automatic closing of the door. They are designed to ensure that the door closes automatically once opened. Take a look at our range.

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Floor spring for stop and shuttle doors, GEZE 550 NV

  • Total height: 42 mm
  • Progressively adjustable closing force from 1 to 4 seconds EN 1154, for doors up to 150 Kg
  • Door width up to 1,100 mm
  • Damping in fixed opening
  • Adjustable closing speed and final blow
  • Overload safety valve
  • Closing efficiency since the opening 170th
  • Wide range of fits to the box: Height 6mm, Lateral 10mm, longitudinal 10mm
  • Box for galvanized inlay. Stainless steel cover cover
  • options: With arms for wooden or metal door stops, including covers
  • With arms for wooden or metal shuttle doors
  • With or without open door retention


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