Doesn't the door close with the wind?

The door has a hydraulic spring that closes it when it is good weather, but that can not close when it is windy.

What can I do?

The problem it presents is recurrent and common to all doors subject to wind force, opening inland.

If on a windy day you try to open your eyes to the side where it blows, you'll be able to do it.

However, if you cover your eyes with a sheet of A4 paper in which you drilled a hole with a toothpick in the center, you will not be able to peek through the hole of the paper looking at the same wind.

In fact, although the wind intensity is the same the wind pressure trying to pass through the hole is huge preventing you from seeing through it.

The door can close up to 10 or 20 cm from the stop, but now all the wind that is on it will try to pass through the narrow opening and the hydraulic spring cannot fulfill its function.

If you fine-tune the spring to close conveniently on windy days, it will hit violently on lull days. The spring "doesn't know" when it's wind the No.

Any alternate lock will have the same difficulty in ensuring the door lock since it either does not come to pull over or when it pulls over does so violently rewind immediately.

The only solutions capable of solving this problem are:

Placement and an automatism that, in addition to ensuring the closing of the door, also automatically opens the DSTW-100 

Placement of a hydraulic damper, used for up to a few years to ensure the closing of elevator doors, which dampens the door beat and pulls it to the stop slowly. TW-FR1