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RFID card reader with waterproof numeric keypad.

The TW-5X is a "stand-alone" access control by code/card that uses the latest micro-processing technology to operate on electrical locks/latlocks and safety systems that require momentary contact or dry contact.

  • Waterproof according to IP66.
  • Protected by a strong vandal-proof metal case;
  • Operating codes and parameters are stored in the microprocessor and are not lost in the event of a power failure.
  • This access control remembers up to 600 card and 4-6 digit code users.
  • Timed recurrent: 1-99 seconds;
  • Fully programmable through keyboard(including key sounds and Light).
  • Opening with card, code, or card + code;
  • Card Type: EM 125KHz | Mifare: 13.56MHz
  • Power 12-24 V DC/AC;
  • 12 backlit keys;
  • Dimensions: 148 x 56 x 22.5 (mm);
  • Various modes of operation:
    • Standalone
    • Reader
    • In conjunction with another TW-5X with interlock function
    • Toggle mode: Displays 1 time the card port opens, Displays again the card port closes.


Power supply DIN-RAIL 12VDC.

  • Ability to power various products such as electromagnetic locks, electric locks or code keyboards and proximity readers.
  • Overvoltage and short-circuit protection
  • Input voltage: 100-240VAC
  • Output voltage: 12VDC - Max. 5A
  • Dimensions: 88 x 94 x 66 (mm)
  • Compact and DIN-RAIL fastening

NC Fail-Secure 12/24V Electric Latch, AC/DC

  • Fail-Secure (No power, closed door)
  • Measurements (mirrorless latch): 67 (C) x 20.5 (L) x 28.5 (A) mm
  • Voltage: 12/24 V AC/DC
  • Current: 12V - 220/290mA | 24V - 460/580mA
  • With Fit
  • Installation: Wooden or metal doors
  • Available in 2 types of mirror
  • Price shown is MIRRORLESS, only latch

trinco_electrico trinco_electrico

Model ABK-805

  • To be mounted on the wall
  • Casted case with stainless steel button, to be connected to the access control to open the door from the inside
  • Nice appearance and easy to use
  • Dimensions: 83x32x25(mm)
  • Current: 3A@36VDC Max
  • Output contacts: NO\COM
  • Tested for: 500000 cycles
  • Working temperature: ~ (-10 to +55)°C or (14 to 131)ºF
  • Working humidity: 0-95%
  • Weight: 0.3kg


TW-RA3 - 3m cable

Cable for connection and power of elements of the Triple W Kit's

  • Cable for electrical connections.
  • Length: 3m.

TW-0180 - Wiring set for KIT's

Cables for connection and power of elements of the Triple W Kit's

  • Set composed of:
  • 3 X Cables for electrical connections with 3 meters in length each
  • 3 X electrical connections
  • 9 X smugglers

RFID tag in key chain format (drop)

  • Frequency: 125KHZ
  • For exclusive use with our access controllers
  • Operation by proximity. (5 cm)
  • No battery required
  • Size: 36.8x30.4x7.2
  • The same key can open different drivers.

Pre-wiring includes:

Connectors for easy installation;

Electrical cables connectors with 3m;

Electrical assembly of components.