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Electronic piston lock with cylinder and handle

  • 365.00€ +IVA

Piston locks are built-in electromechanical locks applicable to any type of door. We offer you several options, come and see our locks

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Locksmith, Carpenter, Electrician

Electronic piston lock with cylinder and handle

  • For installation on moderately used doors 
  • In brushed stainless steel profile;
  • Reversible, for right and left doors;
  • Possible application in any type of door;
  • With closed timer included and configurable from 0 to 9 seconds;
  • With mechanical cylinder to use in case of emergency or power outage
  • Power: 12 VDC;
  • Fail Secure - (POOP) - Opens with voltage sending (Asset protection);
  • Pulling Force: 2000 Kg;
  • Output signals: NO/COM;
  • Induction distance: 8mm;
  • Dimensions:
  • Latch: 285 x 30 x 40.1 mm;


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