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Ellen Matic Universal RDS 173

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Door and window sealants help protect against the ingress of air, water, dust, and unwanted debris and play an important role in the thermal and acoustic insulation of a home. Come and see our range.

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Product Code: EM UNIV. RDS 173

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Fabricantes de portas

Serralheiros, Carpinteiros

Automatic door seal, for interior and exterior doors, designed to be flush-mounted at the bottom of the door.

It insulates the bottom of the door when the side latch locks close against the frame, on the hinge side and the lock side.

According to the standard (DIN EN 20140), for noise reduction (max. 48 db), achieving a high level of sealing.

30-minute fire retardation according to (NEN 6069) and smoke insulation according to (DIN EN 18095)

With internal mechanism that regulates any  height difference with the floor.

Adjustable distance to floor.

Seal width = Door width - 2mm.

Price per unit.


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