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Electric latch 360º - NC

  • 142.00€ +IVA

It is important to choose electric latches that are suitable for the specific security and access control needs of each location. Come and see our range, or contact us: suporte@triplow.pt

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Serralheiro, Carpinteiro, Electricista

Electric latch 360º - NC

  • NC latch with the unique characteristic of your tooth rotate on top of you, making it even more compact for easier assembly and no need to cut the side of the door
  • Fail-Secure (No power, closed door)
  • Adjustable Tooth
  • Resistance force up to 3230N - 330Kg
  • Measurements (mirrorless latch): 66mm (C) x 16mm (L) x 25.5 (A) mm
  • Voltage: 10-24V AC/DC
  • current:
    • 12VDC (100%) - 280mA | 24VDC (100%) - 560mA
    • 12VAC (100%) - 250mA | 24VAC (100%) - 500mA
  • According to normal EN14846
  • Operating temperature: -15ºC to +40ºC
  • Installation: Wooden or metal doors
  • Price displayed WITHOUT MIRROR, only the latch (see mirrors apart)


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