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Programmable Receiver

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Transmitter/receiver for door opening by command

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Product Code: ABK-400-2-12

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Remote Command Access Controller

The access controller with remote control ABK-400-2-12 is designed to drive any type of latch, lock or electrical system used in the opening of doors. The controller or receiver is actuated exclusively by the ABK-402 emitter.

The controller can have associates up to a maximum of 30 issuers. Easy programming of the emitters You can control indistinctly the opening of two ports using a single controller.

NOTE: This equipment only works with the K 80 power supply

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 60 x 42 x 28 (mm)
  • Input voltage: 12 VDC
  • Working current: ≤ 12 mA
  • Transmission power: 10 Mw
  • Transmission frequency: 433 MHz
  • Maximum distance for reading the signal from the emitter: 50 m in open field

Remote control not included

Use this link to get information from: Issuer (Remote Command) ABK-402



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