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Floor automation for swing door, 180º

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Floor automation for swing doors, floor door springs are used to control the smooth and automatic closing of the door. Come and meet us.

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Triplo W does not install equipment.
We analyse the need through photos, drawings and written description, we design the most appropriate solution for each case and we quote the supply.

The installer technician is hired by our client and we give the necessary instructions for a good installation.
The equipment is supplied with detailed installation plans, videos, animations and wiring diagrams.

Installation must be carried out by the manufacturer carpenter or locksmith, depending on the construction  material of the door.

Very useful whenever users have their hands full, as in the case of waiters who move from the kitchen to the dining room with trays.

Or in the case of people with motor disabilities who need to access the toilet in a wheelchair.

It can be opened by a presence detector, by a remote control or by servo opening (The user pushes the door slightly by activating the help of the motor)

Floor automation for door stop, 180º

  • application:
    • Simple door;
    • Two-leaf door (requires two equipment);
  • Indoor or outdoor opening;
  • Opening of door back-to-back (180º)
  • Operation in conjunction with electronic lock (e.g. electric latch, electromagnetic lock, etc.);
  • Voltage: 110~220V ± 10%;
  • Power consumption: 55W;
  • Standby power consumption: <2W
  • Opening/Closing Time: 6-12S;
  • Door Width: max. 1200 mm;
  • Maximum door weight: 150 Kg
  • Maximum torque: 165Nm
  • Operating temperature: -20°C~+55°C;
  • IP68
  • Installation: built-in
  • Noise: <60dB

  • Components included:
    • Engine;
    • Sliding guide;
    • 1 IR Command
    • Articulated Arm
    • Pivots



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