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TTlock - Management of electronic locks via mobile phone

TTLock - What Is It?

  • TTLock is a provider of solutions for smart locks.
  • Designs and develops hardware and software for computers and smart locks.
  • The software includes mobile application, available on the platforms  
  • The app can be found in the Apple app store, and Google Play for Android.
  • You can download the application and establish with TTlock a contract to provide that service by registering and providing your personal data as mobile phone and email.
  • The application and lock communicate via Bluetooth or remotely via TW-GATE, with various functions, such as key opening, firmware update, access to opening logs, creation of codes and cards, checking the status of batteries, etc..
  • The application is found in Portuguese , EnglishSpanish and other languages.
  • No up-to-date cost and no tuition.

The user of the software is informed that it is not owned by Triplo W and that therefore the manufacturer, which is indicated below, and the user are solely responsible for any breaks in the operation of the software.

Triplo W, as a distributor of locks that work with the TTLock software, is not responsible for any future or current function of the software, which the end customer contracts directly with the manufacturer.

The company the customer hires when downloading the APP to their mobile phone or computer is located in China with the address

Juhua Smart Industry Park, Hangzhou, China

Customer Service:


Phone: 400-800-1785


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