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Electronic Fingerprint/Keypad/Card/APP Lock, Silver

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The TW-A210 electronic lock allows you to open your door remotely via an APP on your mobile phone. With an attractive design, this smart lock will revolutionise the security of your door.

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Triplo W does not install equipment.
We analyse the need through photos, drawings and written description, we design the most appropriate solution for each case and we quote the supply.

The installer technician is hired by our client and we give the necessary instructions for a good installation.
The equipment is supplied with detailed installation plans, videos, animations and wiring diagrams.

The installation of this lock must be carried out by the manufacturer carpenter or locksmith, depending on the construction material of  the door.

Installation precautions

1. Be especially careful not to cut wires during the connection between the two parts of the lock

2. Ensure that the rubber seals are properly fitted and snug against the door. If necessary , glue the sealant with soft glue.

3. Insulate the key entry cover to prevent saltpetre from entering with a grease.

4. After assembly, clean the whole lock with a cloth wet with liquid soap, to avoid oxidation

Electronic fingerprint/keypad/card/app lock, stainless steel  

Remote Management - TTLock APP - Learn More

Suitable for aluminium and PVC profile doors


  • Electronic Lock with remote management by TTLock APP (iOS and Android)
  • Remote control via smartphone (No need for internet connection) of permanent and temporary access codes;
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Available Colors:
    • Stainless steel;
  • Various Aperture Types:
    • Opening by mobile phone through TTLock Bluetooth/Wifi APP app (Android and IOS);
    • Fingerprint
    • Code: 4 to 8 digits 
    • Mechanical Wrench
    • Mifare proximity card
  • Power: 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Simple installation;
  • Backlit touch keyboard;
  • Reversible - for right or left doors
  • Full management through the app;
  • Door thickness: 35 mm to 65 mm;
  • Low battery indicator;
  • App features:
    • Battery level indicator;
    • Registration of openings;
    • Creation and management of codes, cards and eKeys;
    • Management of administrator accounts;
    • Lock firmware updates;
  • Bluetooth
    • User can generate codes without being in place but these are generated automatically, the user can only control the validity of the code;
    • You can't delete codes;
    • You don't have access to the check-in.

  • Wi-Fi
    • User can create their own  4 to 8 digit code and its validity;
    • You can delete created codes ;
    • Access to the registration of openings;
    • Access to battery status.

Requires cleaning and maintenance care when installed in marine environments subject to salt fog



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